2013 FAI European Championship for Slope Soaring Gliders

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Dear F3F world,

during 2nd week in September this year first official 2013 FAI European Championship for Slope Soaring Gliders (F3F class) will take place in Slovakia, Donovaly region.

The Organizing Team

Competitor list
  Team Manager Alexander Hormann AUT
1 Senior Pilot Hannes Ploeschberger AUT
2 Senior Pilot Franz Prasch AUT
3 Senior Pilot Josef Wiklicky AUT
  Team Manager Radovan Plch CZE
4 Senior Pilot Radovan Plch CZE
5 Senior Pilot Jiri Soucek CZE
6 Senior Pilot Miroslav Trsek CZE
  Team Manager Rick Ruijsink NED
7 Senior Pilot Rick Ruijsink NED
8 Senior Pilot Erik Heijne NED
  Helper W. Heijne NED
  Team Manager Soren Krogh DEN
9 Senior Pilot Soren Krogh DEN
10 Senior Pilot Kaj Henning Nielsen DEN
11 Senior Pilot Jesper Christensen DEN
  Team Manager Laurent Lombardo FRA
12 Senior Pilot Andreas Fricke FRA
13 Senior Pilot Frederic Hours FRA
14 Senior Pilots Sebastien Lanes FRA
  Helper Bealmeida FRA
15 Senior Pilot Espen Thorp NOR
  Team Manager Gerald Mose GER
16 Senior Pilot Siegfried Schedel GER
17 Senior Pilot Axel Barnitzke GER
18 Senior Pilot Thorsten Folkers GER
  Team Manager Reto Blumer SUI
19 Senior Pilot Reto Blumer SUI
20 Senior Pilot Martin Ulrich SUI
21 Senior Pilot Gianfranco Cavalli SUI
  Team Manager Andrzej Klusek POL
22 Senior Pilot Andrzej Klusek POL
23 Senior Pilot Ryszard Miśkiewicz POL
24 Senior Pilot Rafał Wiaderek POL
25 Junior Pilot Adam Bury POL
  Team Manager Frantisek Ruisl SVK
26 Senior Pilot Frantisek Ruisl SVK
27 Senior Pilot Lubomir Ivan SVK
28 Senior Pilot Vladimir Simo SVK
29 Junior Pilot Marian Mrva SVK
  Team manager Tim Traver USA
30 Senior Pilot - H/C Tim Traver USA
31 Senior Pilot - H/C Warren Day USA



9.9.2013        DAY 1.  - Results Round #1 :ME_R1_1

10.1.2013      DAY 2.  - Preliminary Results individual after Round #9:ME_R9_2                         National teams after Round #9:Teams

PHOTO    Zdeno Matejka

11.1.2013      DAY 3.   – Raining, no flying – National Bowling CUP Results: Bowling

12.9.2011      DAY 4.   - Preliminary results of individuals after Round #10: ME_R10_1             National teams after Round #10: Teams_10

13.9.2013      DAY 5.  – No Wind, no Flying, Rain

14.9.2013      DAY 6.  – Raining, no Flying

Final Results: ME_Total

National teams final Results: Teams_total



Video of the award ceremony by Reto Blumer/CH/ on Youtube and Photo by Reto Blumer (Thanks Reto…)



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